Large-scale agriculture – for profit and society?

IAMO Forum 2018
27-29 June 2018 | Halle (Saale) | Germany

Agricultural production in transition and increasingly in developed and emerging economies is moving to larger farms. Highly integrated industrial-scale enterprises operating on hundred thousand hectares of farmland set new standards for agribusiness and attract growing interest on the part of non-agricultural investors.
The IAMO Forum 2018 aims to address the economic, social, institutional, and managerial aspects of large-scale agriculture by providing a platform for presenting and discussing research on the related issues.

The geographical focus of the conference is on the transition countries of Eastern Europe, the Former Soviet Union, and East Asia as well as developed and emerging countries in Europe, the Americas and Australia. We welcome contributions on topics such as:

  • Corporate governance;
  • Corporate social responsibility;
  • Risk management and finance;
  • Human resource management;
  • Competition on factor and output markets;
  • Welfare and distributional justice in rural areas, or
  • Environmental implications and challenges.

The conference contributions may stem from a variety of methodological approaches ranging from micro-level analyses of farm management and econometrics to institutional, socioeconomic and geographic investigations of large-scale agribusiness at the regional and cross-national level. Inter- and transdisciplinary contributions are particularly welcome.

The IAMO Forum will be held in the building of the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO). Conference language will be English.